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Nothing says "I Care" like receiving a gift basket when you're feeling down. Be it chocolates, soap or even wine gift baskets, receiving an unexpected gift is a huge uplifting experience to someone needing a lift.

Finest Gift Baskets has scoured the web to find you gift basket specials and deals in all shapes and sizes.

Fun Gift Baskets

If you are looking for great alternatives to most gift baskets, you might consider making a fun gift basket. Although very different from the most traditional gift basket, fun gift baskets contain items and gifts that are for entertainment purposes and will bring a smile to the hearts of the person the gift is intended for. Even if it is for an adult, there is a great way that you can actually select the right fun gift baskets all the time.

Gift baskets are often viewed traditionally as for specific events and occasions and while this is the essence of why gift baskets are given a fun gift basket can actually be fun and creative, here are some ideas on how to make fun gift baskets. These are great to give at various family and friends events such as Christmas or Birthdays. In fact, making your own gift basket can actually save you money and the stress especially when you select the right gift basket that is fun and attractive.

If the gift basket is for someone you know well enough, consider adding some items that are in line with their hobbies and passion. For example, if they like collecting baseball cards, you can give them a baseball card collection as an item in their gift basket. If they collect a lot of magazines, why not add a few to the gift basket.

Also consider placing some items with their favorite colors in the basket. Because people respond to colors and things they like, your best bet might be to create a gift basket that is colored or themed according to the person’s favorite color or something they like a lot. This will allow the gift basket to become more attractive to them.
Instead of just giving them things they want, why not include something that is precious to you that you would like them to have. It may be a family photo album, or a notebook or even something like a scarf. Although most people might look away from these kinds of things, a priceless item that is the center piece can surprise almost anyone can give them a level of awe. Be careful though on what you choose to place in the gift basket as the item that you value a lot.

Consider making the gift basket something that is funky. This is ideal for a teenager or child, even a freshman who might want acceptance and attention from friends. If you make the exterior of the gift basket funky and cool, maybe using things like paint or even modern art to make it look epic, you can make them proud to have their “basket”

The key to making a fun gift basket is to add some thoughtfulness and think outside the box of the traditional gift basket and you can create a funky yet cool gift basket for anyone of any age especially if you are making your own gift basket. When you choose your gift basket idea, remember to add some fun to it.

Christmas Gift Baskets

When the Christmas spirit comes upon the world, many people get excited and there are many gifts that must be bought, made and sent to loved ones. Yes it is a joyful time but it is also a challenging time because many people tend to find selecting the right gift for their loved ones something that is stressful but you can eliminate the stress by giving a gift basket.

Gift baskets are a simply a series of gifts given in one package, usually a basket. You can make your own gift basket or have one premade for you but it is more fulfilling to actually make your own gift basket because you can be sure that the contents of the basket are items you have personally selected for the people or person you are making the gift basket for.

A Christmas gift basket is meant to have several items and gifts that you can place inside. For one thing, there should be some goodies, like cookies, chocolate or other sweet things. If you avoid just putting items in the gift basket, you can actually create a good gift basket hamper that is a good gift to give.

Here is what you can do to create the perfect Christmas gift basket.

Take the recipients’ wish list and tick off at least one item that you can afford to give them. This will be the main item in the gift basket but you will also include other gifts as well. After you have this one item marked and in your gift basket, next consider what other things the person enjoys.

Since Christmas time is a period when we give gifts that are significant and should be received in that respect, you should try and be creative with your selection of the main item. If you are unsure of which item to select, you would be safer with a gift card to a local store or online retailer so that the recipient can select their own gift basket and decide for themselves what gift they want.

With the main item, select other smaller items that may be close to what the recipient might like. You can also add some food goodies as well. Don’t stuff the basket with gifts that are simply fillers, do a complete look at what the recipient would like and add small little gifts. It can be anything from a small perfume to something like headphones for an mp3 player. These are all part of the overall gift basket so it is not about one main gift but building around the person’s wish list.

If for example, the person wanted a hair dryer, you might also get them some new towels or maybe a little perfume. It’s sort of like choosing accompanying gifts to the main gift and not just any filler items.

Once you have the gifts also add a card or a note that is personally signed by you. This will complete your gift basket and you are already. Do refrain from using Cellphone wrap for your gift basket as it will make it feel a bit cheap.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Holidays are special times for family and friends to gather together and celebrate and share time together. This is also a great time to share gifts and enjoy the company of other people. If you are looking for gift basket ideas that you can use for this holiday, there are some things that you can do to make your gift baskets extra special. Obviously there is a lot of stress that comes with finding the right gifts and sometimes more is better than less when you opt for a gift basket instead of giving one gift.

Not only will you save money but if you are making a number of gift baskets for different people, you can save money and still give gifts that are valuable and that can be appreciated. Remember that it is as much about the gift as it is about the person who gives the gift. To get you started, here some ideas you can use for any kind of holiday gift baskets.

Add a lot of goodies to your gift baskets. Rather than just adding items randomly, consider adding gifts like sweets, chocolate and other goodies to your gift baskets so that your gift basket is more attractive. There is no person who would pass up a few goodies from someone that they love and respect.

Consider getting a gift basket that can be used for another purpose after it has been given. Since holidays are times to create memories, why not select a gift basket that is not made of cheap material such as plastic. Try to make your gift baskets valuable and something that people will actually want to hang in their office or home reminding them of you.

Thoughtfulness can pay off in a lot. Aside from goodies, also add a personal greeting card in your gift basket. This will add some value to your gift basket. If you want you can also add some non-food items to make the gift basket unique.

For Kids, you may want to add a coloring book or some activity based games to the holiday gift basket. For adults, you may add a book or even some other items like accessories or a small electronic device. For a young adult, you can consider adding a movie or video game to the holiday gift basket.

If you decide to order your holiday gift basket online, you should strive to check that you are getting a good shipping service and also make sure the package is fresh. If you are making the gift basket yourself, instead of making it several days in advance why not make the holiday gift basket one night before you need to give it away? That will ensure that the goodies are fresh and if you are trying to keep it a surprise from the person who it is meant for you wont have to pay hide and seek the whole time.

Remember that you can make your own gift basket if you set your mind up to it and since holidays are a time for sharing; why not share something special with your loved ones and friends.